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Fat Boy

Use Fat Boy's 32" movable floor or 41-ton tow capacity to bring modern efficiency to your projects. Boasting almost vertical side-rails and a Hardox 450 Steel inner layer, Fat Boy also provides a lower center of gravity for improved performance.

Complete Control

Fat Boy offers complete, unmatched control to its operators from right inside its cabin. This simplification means that jobs can be done more quickly, more easily, and more efficiently.

Joy Stick Operated

All of the functions available to Fat Boy are accessible to the operator from right inside the cabin. Ease of access, quick adjustments, and full control are only a few of the many benefits offered by Fat Boy.

Custom Preset Capabilities

Fat Boy delivers functionality with practicality. Each hole has the ability to be customized with a preset in order to work effortlessly. Let Fat Boy bring technology to help you at your sites.

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