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What We Do

Earth Corp Industries not only designs, manufactures, and sells precision material placing equipment but we are also a Master Dealer for Conveyor Application Systems. We are the distributor for the Eastern United States.

About Us

As a more than 20 year veteran in the landscaping and erosion control industry, Jay Werlinger started EarthCorp Industries with a business partner and focused on providing erosion control and wetland mitigation for clients like the Indiana Department of Transportation.

From this experience, Jay recognized shortcomings in the standard industry methods.  The largest of those shortcomings involved the blower trucks used to distribute material over large areas.  Numerous times per day, drivers were taking the trucks off-site to load more material to continue the job.  This was costing hundreds of dollars per project in fuel and thousands of dollars in lost time and efficiency.

After four years of engineering; design and development of a model, EarthCorp’s Mobile Reload Conveyor system was introduced.

The Mobile Reload Conveyor systems are universal reloading systems used to quickly and efficiently load most any material into any equipment for transport or for application.

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