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The Magnum has an added feature other models don’t have – it loads itself. Its 25 ton box can be loaded continuously with dump trucks, live floor transfer trucks, or ejector trucks. By using the radio remote controller, loads can transfer from haul truck to Magnum in just a couple of minutes while the Magnum keeps spreading. Able to throw material over 100 feet at rates of 4 tons per minute or fill a utility trench at over 1 foot per second, this is the ultimate piece of equipment for highway work and pipelines.

Saves Material

Because the material goes from the haul truck directly into the Magnum, it is not contaminated or lost on the ground. When filling a trench, the cruise control creep drive is engaged and now the Magnum delivers a consistent volume of material per foot and eliminates the waste of overfilling and the additional labor needed to “top up” the low spots. It is right the first time in one pass.

Saves Labor

A single operator can accurately spread gravel, soil, or sand. He can bed and backfill a trench with no need for anyone to spot for him or be in the trench leveling the material. The single operator and a Magnum can replace 4 other workers.

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