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Super Track

The CAS Super Track (ST) models are truck mounted versions of the CAS Slinger Line of equipment. The new models place materials up to 140 feet and at rates up to 4 tons per minute. With its new floor design, it quickly discharges not only gravel and rock, but also soils and even bark. Though tough, these units are engineered to be light so whatever size you choose, you will haul more payload.



The CAS truck-mounted units can spread a wide variety of materials that were once thought to be too sticky or large to sling. We make two standard sized units – the ST16 that holds about 20 cubic yards heaped and the ST20 that carries about 24 cubic yards heaped. We custom mount them on a variety of trucks, both new and used, with different axle configurations that maximize payload for each state.


All CAS equipment is engineered for higher productivity and lower maintenance costs. The powerful high performance slinging system maintains maximum output even at great distances. All chains and sprockets have been replaced with patented direct drive and swing components that decrease wear, increase accuracy and nearly eliminate maintenance.


The optional CAS Remote Drive System provides a cruise control feature for the truck while it is working. Set the desired creep speed and you can continuously fill a trench or backfill a wall to a uniform and accurate depth.

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