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Stemming Truck


The CAS Stemming unit uses a 19 foot long placing conveyor that drops the material directly into the blast hole.  This way the truck stays back away from the hole so the walls of the hole are not disturbed and the leads are kept safe.  Nothing touches the ground around the hole.


The operator simply positions the placing conveyor over the blast hole. Cameras verify perfect positioning every time. A single push of a button on the joystick delivers the material at a consistent and controllable rate.


Options include the ability to set multiple presets into the controller to deliver a precise predetermined amount of material. If the first life in a blast hole calls for 2 cubic yards (1.53 cubic meters), the operator can preset that amount and go from hole to hole dispensing just that amount simply by pressing start. Stemming Trucks have an additional option to provide a report of the total amount of material placed by the truck.

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