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Introducing the RL19, our compact powerhouse that defies its size with uncompromising durability and performance. While it may be our shortest unit, the RL19 boasts the same heavy-duty construction as our larger models.

Crafted with a fully powder-coated steel frame, the RL19 offers a sleek aesthetic with the added option to customize the color to match your company branding. Its 10’ wide hydraulically-controlled folding clamshell hoppers, paired with a 36" wide cleated belt, effortlessly handle a variety of materials.

Precision loading is seamless with the custom rubber attached drop-out, ensuring accuracy in material feeding. The RL19 is driven by a robust Yanmar® Final Tier IV and EU Stage V Compliant 4 Cylinder 55hp Turbo Diesel Engine, guaranteeing reliable and efficient performance.

For added convenience, the RL19 can be equipped with a remote-controlled package, providing ease of operation and enhanced efficiency. The RL19 stands tall in the realm of heavy-duty equipment.

RL19 operation DIM drawing.png
RL19 Tow DIM drawing.png
Weight:  7,000lbs
Crafted for swift and efficient reloading in collaboration with telebelt/loop belt industries, offering unparalleled performance. Despite its specialized design, this equipment is adaptable and suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.
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