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Introducing the RL26, designed to enhance production and efficiency in your operations. With an impressive capacity of up to 5 tons per minute, this conveyor is a valuable addition to your fleet. The RL26 features a sturdy steel and powder coat frame, ensuring long-term performance. Despite its heavy-duty construction, it remains conveniently towable by a standard pickup truck.

Loading materials is a breeze with the RL26's durable 10' wide hydraulically-controlled folding clamshell hoppers, complemented by a heavy-duty 48" wide cleat-top feed belt. Optional hopper extensions provide versatility for handling a wide variety of materials. The adjustable feed conveyor further enhances adaptability to different operational needs.

Powering the RL26 is a Yanmar® Tier IV Liquid Cooled Turbo Diesel Engine, delivering an impressive 68.5 HP @ 2,500 RPM. This reliable and efficient engine ensures optimal performance under demanding conditions.

Elevate your operations with the RL26 – a high-performance conveyor that combines durability, efficiency, and ease of use. Add this impressive piece of equipment to your fleet and experience the difference in productivity.

RL26 operation DIM.JPG
RL26 Tow Dim drawing.png
Weight:  10,520lbs
The RL26 (Heavy Duty) excels in rock applications, delivering optimal performance. However, its versatility extends to handling a variety of materials with ease.
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